Warranted Sidewalks

What is the annual warranted sidewalk program?

The City of London has budgeted $550,000 each year for the creation of new sidewalks on existing streets. For some periods in the past, streets were often built without sidewalks, and many such streets in London have not yet had sidewalks added. The warranted sidewalk program allows the city to bring those streets more in line with current best practices for building complete streets.

A list of streets where new sidewalks may be warranted is maintained by city staff, with each street or section of a street rated and prioritized. The streets already on this list will take about seven years to complete at the current funding level. As new streets are requested, they will be added to the list and evaluated, which may change the prioritization of the streets on the list.

The sidewalks to be completed under the warranted sidewalk program are selected from that list. 

How does a street get on the warranted sidewalk program list?

  1. A resident requests that a sidewalk be added to a particular street or section of a street, or sometimes a staff person notes that a sidewalk would be beneficial 
  2. All requests are collected together into a list over the course of the year
  3. Once a year, the sections of street on the list are evaluated using a matrix that takes into account things like proximity to schools or seniors, use as a transit route, and pedestrian and vehicle volume. You can view a 1-page PDF that lists all factors here.
  4. From this evaluation, the streets are prioritized for sidewalk completion. Cost is also a factor in scheduling so that the program is within budget each year.
  5. Each year, staff recommends and Council approves the sidewalks to be completed.

Which streets are already on the list?

You can view a complete list of the Warranted Sidewalk Program streets here (Google Docs link). As of April 2018, that list includes the following streets in Ward 4 (construction timing is estimated based on the annual budget but is subject to change)

Est. Construction EST. COST Rating LOCATION FROM TO SIDE Length (m)
2019 $45,375 90 Florence St 60m east of Oakland Ave Highbury Ave South 165
2022 $36,750 40 Barker St Victoria St Cheapside St East 210
2022 $70,000 40 Briarhill Avenue Briarhill Court Kipps Lane S/W 400
2022 $70,000 40 Northbrae Avenue Monsarrat Avenue Kipps Lane West 400
2023 $42,000 25 Appel St Rabb St Cheapside St West 240

Which streets in Ward 4 have been completed recently?

Construction Year EST. COST Rating LOCATION FROM TO SIDE Length (m)
2016 $89,250 70 Cheapside St McNay St 230m west of Highbury Ave South 510
2017 $107,625 70 Huron St Taylor St Barker St South 615

Even if a street is already on the list, please let me or staff know if you support adding a sidewalk to any of the listed streets. 

How can I make a request for a sidewalk to be added to the list?

Contact City of London staff directly: Doug MacRae P.Eng., Manager, Transportation Planning and Design - [email protected] or 519-661-2489 Ext. 4637. Please copy me on your e-mail at [email protected]

Alternatively, feel free to post in the feedback box below and I will make sure your request is forwarded to staff for consideration in the warranted sidewalk program.

How are the locations prioritized?

Council recently approved additional support and increased the investment in this program during the multi-year budget decisions, increasing the annual budget from $230,000 to $550,000. Locations recommended for construction are prioritized by the following factors:

  • Pedestrian volumes
  • Identified presence of vulnerable and/or mobility-impaired users
  • Proximity to public transit
  • Road and traffic conditions
  • Potential coordination with anticipated infrastructure projects

Next Steps

Update on 30 Aug 2017: the Huron St sidewalk construction started on 7 Sept 2017. Key contacts are Michelle Morris (City of London) 519-661-2489 x7327 [email protected] and Justin Faessert (Ro-Buck Contracting) 519-870-9441. After hours, please call city dispatch at 519-661-4965. See the construction notice for more details.

Each year, usually in February or March, staff bring forward a report to civic works committee recommending sidewalk segments to be built that year.

Key Documents

Key Contacts

I'm interested in your input in the warranted sidewalk program. Please provide your feedback in the box below, email me at [email protected] or call me at 226-926-9063 (mobile).

Doug MacRae P.Eng., Manager, Transportation Planning and Design - [email protected] or 519-661-2500 Ext. 4637.

Members of the Civic Works Committee including Michael van Holst (Chair) and my colleagues Bill ArmstrongPhil SquirePaul Hubert and Virginia Ridley. You can also e-mail them all at the same time.