Temporary Traffic Calming

Google_Maps-1.pngWhat is the problem?

On Monday, 24 April, Dundas St was closed to vehicles from the intersection of Quebec St to Egerton St. Many residents have reported significant detouring traffic along Burbrook Place, Dorinda St. and Charlotte St.

Residents are concerned about the high speed of vehicles headed Northbound as they approach the park and Boyle Memorial Community Centre. Several school bus stops are also located in the area, causing additional safety concerns with the increase in traffic and speeds while children walk home, and particularly, while they use the cross walk at Lorne Ave and Quebec St.  Side streets such as Queens Ave, Dufferin Ave, Lorne Ave and Ontario St have also seen traffic increases and additional safety concerns as drivers attempt to find detours around the construction zone. 

What can I do?

Temporary traffic calming measures are sometimes deployed by the city in residential neighbourhoods impacted by detouring vehicles.

If you support temporary traffic calming measures in this area during the closure of Dundas St between Quebec St and Egerton St, please add your name to this petition.

If you would like to contact me directly, about this or any other issue, please email me at [email protected] or call me at 226-926-9063.

Will you sign?