As part of my commitment to increasing transparency in local governance, I will be publishing a record of the names of people I have met with in my role as city councillor for Ward 4, along with the name of their associated organizations and the date of the meeting.

This public disclosure of meetings will be shared on my web site and will be updated on an ongoing basis. It will not include internal meetings with my council colleagues or city staff.

If you would like to meet with me, please submit this form outlining the topic you would like to discuss and the dates and times that would work for you. 

By submitting this form requesting a meeting, you are consenting to me publishing your name, the date of our meeting and the name of your associated organization, if applicable, in my public disclosure of meetings. You understand that this disclosure of meetings will be publicly available on my web site.

Note: requests for confidential meetings—for example, where a resident has filed a confidential complaint regarding bylaw enforcement—will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please indicate the reason you are requesting confidentiality when you submit your request. In these cases, I will include a general description of the meeting and the date of the meeting but I will not identify you by name.


What would you like to meet with me about?

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