Kellogg's Redevelopment

What is being proposed?

The Kellogg's plant has been purchased by E. & E. McLaughlin Ltd, a business headquartered in Tillsonburg that intends to re-tenant and re-purpose the site. Part of the site has already been re-tenanted and is being used now. The McLaughlins bought the property from Bayshore Group, which salvaged material and equipment from the factory after it closed.

A public participation meeting will be held on 30 April 2018, no earlier than 5:15 pm, to consider a city-initiated amendment to the zoning bylaw to add place of entertainment and amusement games establishment in association with a commercial recreation establishment to the list of permitted uses for this property. The notice of application is available. The staff report is also available.

What has happened up to this point?

A planning application was received by the city for an official plan amendment and re-zoning of the site to allow for the re-use of the existing buildings for a variety of residential, commercial and light industrial uses. The notice of the planning application is available. The official plan and zoning amendments were approved by council on 17 October 2017.

Update on 10 Oct 2017: there will be a public participation meeting at planning and environment committee on 10 Oct, starting no earlier than 5:30pm, to consider the requested official plan and zoning bylaw amendments, which are supported by planning staff. The staff report is available here (PDF).

Update on 16 August 2017: E. & E. McLaughlin announced some details about The Factory (a huge indoor adventure park with a ropes course, trampolines, and more), Silverstacks craft brewery, as well as space in their office tower. Learn more in the press release.

Here's a relevant section of the planning justification report, written by the applicant's planning consultant:

For Areas 1 and 3 (Figure 1), it is proposed that a wide range of main street-style uses, such as restaurants, retail, personal service, commercial schools, and upper floor residential be permitted. These portions of the lands are envisioned to be a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented, main street-style area with a range of small- to medium-scale commercial uses on the ground floor, with other uses such as offices, commercial schools and/or residential on the upper floors. There is also potential for a hotel within the existing floor space in Area 1. Storage facilities within the lower level of Area 1 are contemplated as there are no windows into the basement floor of the building (Figure 2).

The building at 1127 Dundas Street (Pillsbury building) is also well suited for adaptive reuse through interior and exterior renovations. The interior layout of the building permits repurposing for a variety of commercial uses. Accessory parking for proposed uses in Areas 1 and 2 is provided both in Area 4 and adjacent to the Pillsbury building in Area 3.

A range of light industrial uses along with a variety of commercial uses including commercial schools, commercial recreation establishments, personal services, etc. are proposed on the rear portion of the lands (Area 2). As the building was formerly used for a manufacturing facility with some portions of the building being in excess of 33.5m (110ft) high, warehousing, commercial schools, and commercial recreation uses are an ideal adaptive re-use of the large, rear portion of the building. For example, an indoor rock climbing gym can make excellent use of the interior building height at this location of the site.

In addition to the above noted uses, the permission for offices with a maximum floor area of 8,361m2 (90,000ft2) is proposed on the overall parcel (Areas 1 and 2) in order to reuse portions of the building that were used previously for offices associated with the former Kellogg’s plant.

Next Steps

Now that the official plan and zoning amendments have been approved, the next step is up to E & E McLaughlin Ltd.

Key Documents

Key Contacts

I'm interested to know what you think about the proposed re-zoning. Please provide your feedback in the box below, email me at [email protected] or call me at 226-268-7536 (mobile).

Heather McNeely, Manager, Development Services (Site Plan), 519-661-2489, x5309, [email protected]

Members of the planning and environment committee: my colleagues on the committee are Stephen Turner (Chair), Anna Hopkins, Maureen Cassidy, and Tanya Park.

Jen Pastorius is the manager of the Old East Village BIA. Her email is [email protected].

Meg Pirie is the president of the Old East Village Community Association. Her email is [email protected].