Proposed mixed-use building at Dundas and Hewitt

What is being proposed?

Rendering of proposed mixed-use building at Dundas and HewittMedallion Corporation, the developer that built the three large apartment buildings at 700 King St, has proposed a fourth mixed-use apartment building for the Southwest corner of Dundas St and Hewitt St.

The proposed building would have commercial units on the ground floor, residential units above and structured and underground parking (393 parking spots). It is proposed to be 24 storeys (82 m) and to include 243 residential units, 13 of which would be rented at 80% of the average market rent for a period of 30 years.

The tower portions of the building (above the sixth storey) are proposed to be set back 25 metres from Dundas St.

The existing three buildings are 21 stories (292 units), 24 stories (325 units) and 21 stories (298 units).

What has happened so far?

15 Jan 2021: Staff report on the proposed re-zoning.

17 Dec 2020: notice of public participation meeting (two pages) to be held on 18 Jan 2021 sent to area residents.

Next Steps

There will be a public participation meeting at the planning and environment committee meeting on 18 Jan. Because of the state of emergency and public health measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, this will be a virtual meeting on Zoom. The public participation meeting will start no earlier than 4:00pm.

The planning committee recommendation will be considered by municipal council at its meeting on 2 Feb 2021.

Please share your thoughts with me using the feedback form below, by emailing me at [email protected] or booking a time to discuss on the phone.

Key Contacts

Sonia Wise is the City of London planner for this application. Her email is [email protected] and her phone number is 519-930-3500.

Members of the planning and environment committeePhil Squire (Chair), Anna Hopkins (Vice-Chair), Shawn Lewis, Steve Lehman and Steve Hillier.

Jen Pastorius is the manager of the Old East Village BIA. Her email is [email protected].

Sarah Merritt is the president of the Old East Village Community Association. Her email is [email protected].

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