Adelaide St grade separation

What is being proposed?

In order to reduce traffic issues caused by trains crossing Adelaide Street, the City of London is considering separating rail and road traffic at the crossing by moving the roadway off of the same level as the railway (a grade separation). Examples of existing grade separations include the subways (underpasses) on Wellington St north of Horton and Talbot St south of Oxford and the overpasses on Quebec St and Adelaide St south of King St. Both options will be considered as part of the environmental assessment.

The separation of road and rail traffic is intended to improve traffic capacity on Adelaide street, reduce public transit delays, and improve safety for pedestrians. The Adelaide / CPR crossing has been deemed the highest priority grade separation in the City of London. An average of 25,500 vehicles cross the CPR rail line on Adelaide every day, and as many as 43 trains cross at Adelaide each day, creating road blockages for up to 126 minutes per day.

The capital budget for the environmental assessment is $400,000. The estimated timeline for construction of a grade separation is 2021 and the estimated cost of a grade separation is ~$59,900,000 (original estimate was $21,000,000; council approved the revised budget and timing in 2017).

The recommended solution will be considered by civic works committee on 13 Aug 2018.


What has happened so far?

Next Steps

The project is slated for construction starting in 2021.

Three PICs have been held to present the project, review the study findings and discuss study issues including alternative solutions, evaluation criteria, and environmental impacts and mitigation measures. The first PIC was held 16 June 2016, the second PIC was held on 14 Dec 2016 and the third was held on 26 April 2018. The purpose of PIC 3 was to present the Preliminary Preferred Design concept that takes into consideration the transportation and technical factors, property impacts, community interests, cultural heritage resources, CPR and public input. For more info, check out the notice for PIC 3.

MMM Group has been contracted by the City of London to complete an Environmental Assessment for the Adelaide Street / CPR Grade Separation. The study will:

  • Confirm the needs of the Adelaide Street corridor, recognizing the full range of users within the community including pedestrians, cyclists, rail, transit vehicles and motorists.
  • Identify and assess a range of planning and design alternatives for the grade separation including subway (rail over road) and overpass (road over rail).
  • Consider the opportunity to identify, preserve and celebrate the natural and cultural heritage resources, and promote pedestrian environment along the corridor.
  • Engage public participation throughout the study process.
  • Develop a functional and visually attractive design concept for vehicular travel lanes, cycling lanes, and sidewalks that reflects the community and transportation contexts

Public input is welcome throughout the study. If you cannot attend a meeting in person, you can share your views online via the project website.

Key Documents

Key Contacts

I'm interested to know how you would like to see at this rail crossing. Please provide your feedback in the box below, email me at [email protected] or call me at 226-268-7536 (mobile).

Ardian Spahiu, P.Eng Transportation Design Engineer Transportation Planning and Design, City of London. [email protected] or 519-661-2500, ext. 4738.

Jay Goldberg, E.I.T. Project Coordinator, WSP (Environmental Assessment Consultant) [email protected], 905-823-8500 ext. 1284, 2655 North Sheridan Way Mississauga, ON L5K 2P8

Members of the Civic Works Committee including myself (Chair) and my colleagues Maureen Cassidy, Anna Hopkins, Josh Morgan, and Michael van Holst.

Jen Pastorius is the manager of the Old East Village BIA. Her email is [email protected]

Meg Pirie is the president of the Old East Village Community Association. Her email is [email protected].

Kate Rapson is the president of the Woodfield Community Association. Her email is [email protected].

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