Low-rise apartment proposed for 894 Adelaide St N

What is the purpose of the amendment?

The owner of 894 Adelaide St North is proposing to develop a new 2.5 storey apartment building with 9 units in the rear while maintaining the existing building. The City of London is considering an amendment to the zoning by-law regarding the land at 894 Adelaide Street North. Below is a map of the proposed site and surrounding neighbourhood:


Adelaide Properties applied for an amendment to the current Residential R2 zoning which permits single detached, semi-detached, duplex and converted dwellings to a Residential R6 zone. This would permit a range of cluster dwellings including single detached,  semi-detached, duplex, triplex, fourplex, townhouse, stacked townhouse and apartment building uses. The rendering of the property can be seen below:


Specifically, the Applicant is seeking to have the City permit a new 2.5 storey apartment building with 9 units in the rear while maintaining the existing building. The subject lands are within the Urban Corridor Place Type in The London Plan. A range of
residential, retail, service, and office uses may be permitted in this location including mid-rise apartment buildings with a maximum standard height of up to 6 storeys. Below is the proposed site plan for the property. 


What are the next steps?

Public input is important and encouraged. Please contact city planner, Sonia Wise, with your thoughts by March 21, 2018, if possible. Please refer to the file number “Z-8872” when sending your comments. If you post comments in the feedback box below, please indicate if you consent to me sharing your comments with city staff.

The applicant is hosting a community meeting on 17 April from 7-9pm at North London Optimists Centre, 2nd floor, 1345 Cheapside St, London, N5V 3N9.

There will be a public participation meeting at planning and environment committee at City Hall, the date of which is not yet known.

Key Documents

Key Contacts

I'm interested to know what you think about the proposed amendment to the zoning by-law. Please provide your feedback in the box below, email me at [email protected] or call me at 226-268-7536 (mobile).

Sonia Wise, Planner, 519-661-2489 ext 5887, [email protected]

Members of the planning and environment committee: my colleagues on the committee are Stephen Turner (Chair), Tanya ParkAnna Hopkins and Maureen Cassidy.

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